Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Colouring Dreams... A Glance Backwards

A timid boy walks on to the stage, his eyes down, holding the microphone in his skinny hands. He sings a song, a song beautiful enough to make one cry, without even once raising his head to look at the awed audience. He is so shy, embarrassed maybe, to be on a stage in his ragged, dirty clothes that he had to wear, because he couldn’t afford to buy soap.

          This is the story behind the initiation of the third project of IMCD, Colour A Dream. 
Colour A Dream... Their Dreams...

          Upon seeing the financial needs of the deprived young student, IMCD successfully launches its second project, Colour A Dream in 2013.
          The first event, which was held on 13th August, 2013 at Maharagama Youth Centre, gives a kick start to the project, sponsoring five needy children of Thunnana Siri Sumanajothi Maha Vidyalaya, Padukka , with the assistance of five generous donors.
Colour A Dream making his dream come true...
          CAD then starts sponsoring five more children from Ragama, and with the addition of three children from Kandana, the second donation event takes place in January, 2014.
Coloured Dreams...
          While the sponsorships continue once every three months, CAD volunteers take a huge step forward, by hosting a mega event, on 1st of June, 2014, at Gampaha Urban Council Auditorium. The event attended by all IMCD volunteers and alighted by full-toothed smiles of our kids ans as well as the our IMCD family’s.

          As the time pass by, four children from Mannar are then selected as beneficiaries, their donations starting from September, 2014.
          CAD volunteers then starts sponsoring four children who are from a very needy family from Balangoda, about whom the CAD team was alerted through a video. (posted in social media)

Caring is what IMCD lives by...
          The recent Koslanda landslide disaster ails many people, and the CAD team takes up arms to help eight children who lost one or both their parents due to the disaster.
          As of now, the donations from our generous donors continue monthly, and once in every three months, more than 30 children all over the country is given a reason to smile.
          It is not just that they get a gift pack of stationary, but the fact that they know, they feel, that they are being cared for. That somebody is watching over them, waiting to see their smiles.
We count ourselves lucky to be the cause of these happy faces...


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